Lina TV Management Team Pays Courtesy Call to Former Governor of Niger State, Talban Minna.

Lina TV Management Team Pays Courtesy Call to Former Governor of Niger State, Talban Minna.

In a show of respect and journalistic integrity, the management crew of a prominent media organization, Lina TV paid a courtesy call to the former governor of Niger State, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu Talban Minna. The visit aimed to foster a meaningful engagement and gain insights from the former governor’s experiences in public office.

The delegation from the media organization arrived at the former governor’s residence with the intention of familiarizing themselves with him and conducting an in-depth discussions around various topics related to governance, development, and the future of Niger State.

During the meeting, the media organization representatives expressed their gratitude to the former governor for his dedicated service to the people of Niger State during his tenure. They acknowledged the significant achievements made under his leadership and commended his contributions towards the development and progress of the state.

Seeking to understand the former governor’s perspective on pertinent issues, the journalists engaged in a candid conversation with him. They delved into topics such as infrastructure development, healthcare, education, agriculture, security, and future prospects for the state. The former governor offered valuable insights, drawing upon his experiences and expertise. He also commended them and promised to offer his full support anytime they need it.

The courtesy call also provided an opportunity for the media organization to strengthen its relationship with the former governor and establish an ongoing dialogue. This dialogue aims to foster a platform for meaningful discourse, allowing for a better understanding of the challenges faced by policymakers and promoting transparency in governance.

Furthermore, the media organization pledged to continue its role as a responsible and unbiased news outlet, ensuring that the voice of Niger State is heard and the interests of its citizens are accurately represented through fair and balanced reporting. They expressed their commitment to contributing to constructive public discourse and holding those in power accountable.

The courtesy visit serves as a reminder of the importance of engaging with past and present leaders and working collaboratively to address the needs of the society. By recognizing the former governor’s experience and seeking his input, the media organization highlights the significance of inclusive governance and public participation.

COV… Harajana Umar Ragada
2nd August, 2023.

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